Sixth quadrennial meeting, La Plata 2018

Minutes of the IHS Executive Committee for La Plata, 2018

Submitted by Katrina Menard, Secretary

Officers in Attendance: Wenjun Bu (President), Thomas Henry (President Elect), Scott Bundy (Treasurer), and Katrina Menard (Secretary).

Before the meeting commenced on December 7th, 2018 Al Wheeler presented Thomas Henry with his Festschrift in Zookeys. Al gave a moving speech, which was followed with a very gracious acceptance by Tom and a strong applause.

With the official opening of the meeting, the Anderson Award winners were given their certificates and were also acknowledged with a group photo.

The Kerzhner awards were also given, with Marcos Roca-Cusachs winning for the student oral competition with his talk titled "Molecular phylogeny of the stink bug family Pentatomidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) and Leonela Olivera winning the poster presentation "Leptoglossus clypealis (Heidemann) (Heteroptear: Coreidae) a potential global invader: use of ecological niche modeling to predict possible current and future worldwide distributions". Two hundred US dollars were given to each winner.

Another acknowledgement of the Honorary Members (Randall Schuh, Jocelia Grazia, Ernst Heiss) was given, asking the winners to stand and be noted and was followed by a strong applause.

Thomas Henry then presided and first described and then gave the first annual Stal Award to Randall Schuh. Randall then gave a thank you acknowledgement to the audience for the award, and whose acceptance led to a standing ovation.

Wenjun Bu then thanked the current officers of the society, the program organizers, and the members of the society for attending. This was followed by the transfer of presidential power from Wenjun to new president Thomas Henry.

A vote was held for the nominations for the following positions:

  • Webmaster: Marcus Guidoti
  • Web Editor: Pablo Dellape
  • President Elect: Christiane Weirauch

All nominees were voted in with a majority of the Quorum of the membership.

Following the vote of new officers, a spirited discussion was brought up by Thomas Henry about the possibility of an International Heteropterists' Society Journal, which would be free for the memberships. Points brought up were the increased incentive for membership dues, the increased impact factor of having a society journal, and a discounted journal. Pablo Dellape and Marcus also supported this idea. Christiane Weirauch suggested greater investigation to other society journals as models, like the Coleopterist or Hymenopterist Society. Jocelia Grazia advocated for greater physical presence in the form of printed newsletters or journals. A vote was taken to investigate the different options and cost models for the journal, which was accepted with a quorum of the membership.

In closing, the tentative nomination of Barcelona, Spain as the location for the 2020 meeting was brought forward, with Marta Guola and Marcos Roca-Cusachs being advocates and representatives of the scientific community in the city. Final confirmation of this location is pending.

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