Nils & Annemarie Møller Andersen Award

The Nils & Annemarie Møller Andersen Award was established in 2005 by Annemarie Møller Andersen in memory of her husband, Nils Møller Andersen, an internationally renowned heteropterist and a charter member of the International Heteropterists' Society. The award provides financial support for young heteropterists to attend the Quadrennial Meeting of the Society and present research in the form of a poster or paper presentation. Eligible researchers include those who have completed a thesis or dissertation on Heteroptera within the last five years or students who are currently enrolled in a university and working toward an advanced degree in some aspect of heteropteran biology and/or systematics.

***Applications for the 2014 meeting are now closed***

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of the IHS President, President-Elect, and Program Chair. Either partial or full travel grants may be awarded.

View a list of previous recipients of a Nils & Annemarie Møller Andersen Award, with information on their research topics.

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