New Publication - Aukema et al, 2014. Distribution Atlas of the Belgian Miridae

Authors: Berend Aukema, Frédéric Chérot, Gaby Viskens & Jos Bruers

This is a monumental book, available in two languages (Dutch or French), with information regarding 231 species. For every species the authors specify the scientific works on which the identification is based. For each species the text gives a summary of its worldwide geographic distribution. Moreover, the authors offer updated information about its status in Belgium, based on all available distributional data. Finally, all relevant literature is cited and this information, together with data about habitat and ecology, makes this a most valuable work for anybody who wishes to expand his knowledge about the Belgian Miridae.

For every species there is a map with observations or catches until 1980 and from 1980 up to 2012, another map presents the known distribution within Europe. A graph representing the phenology of males and females is also offered.

This book is useful for every one who loves nature and takes an interest in the distribution of Miridae. It is also a compendium for the passionate researcher.


311 textpages, numerous colour figures - bound
IMPORTANT: When ordering, please indicate whether you would like to receive the Dutch or French version of the book.
Subscription price: 50 € until 31 August 2014, afterwards 60 €.
The quoted price does NOT include shipment.
Order from: or Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, attn of Mr P. Deliens, Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Announcement reposted from Dr Chérot Frédéric

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