Minutes of the second quadrennial meeting of the International Heteropterist' Society, St Peterburg 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Toby Schuh at 1200 on 19 July 2002 at the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. Total meeting attendance was 75 people. The officer slate for 2002-2006 was presented, seconded, and approved.  The new Executive Committee will be composed of the following members:

   President: Jocelia Grazia
   Past-President: Toby Schuh
   President-Elect: Ernst Heiss
   Recording Secretary: Paula Levin Mitchell
   Treasurer: Rich Packauskas
   Editor/Website manager: Tom Henry
   Program Chair: dependent on site selection for 2006 (Berend Aukema)

Meeting site options for 2006 were then considered. Three sites were offered, as follows:

  1. China: Nankai University
  2. The Netherlands: Wageningen
  3. USA: Smithsonian National Museum, Washington, DC

The membership voted to meet at Wageningen in 2006. This placed Berend Aukema as Program Chair, and completed the Executive Committee appointments  for 2002-2006.

Treasurer’s report (John Polhemus): No dues notices were sent out for three years, until 2001. The following expenses in USD were approved by the membership:

  1. Consultant for website ($2700)
  2. Mailing costs for dues notices

Webmaster’s report (Tom Henry, presented by Toby Schuh): Discussion was solicited regarding the possibility of an IHS journal. Arguments in favor include prestige, and the advantage of having a dedicated outlet for heteropteran papers. Arguments against are that an editor and funds would be needed. A spirited discussion ensued. Various members observed that the treasury was inadequate now, and that we needed to consider whether another journal was really needed, and needed to consider the economics of such an undertaking. One suggestion was that publications elsewhere could be posted on the website, or that we could begin small (e.g.,  as an annual) and that the International Society of Hymenopterists has a journal so we could ask them for advice. Finally, President Schuh concluded that the finances needed for such a venture were currently beyond the capacity of the Society.

The question of a symposium at Brisbane was raised, but Gerry Cassis noted that the organizers were not encouraging symposia on particular taxa. An informal conference or gathering is planned instead.

The possibility of an on-line discussion forum was considered, but Toby Schuh explained that technical difficulties with the website currently prevent this. The website manager will try to implement this idea at a later time. The idea of a list-serve was also discussed, and posting annual publication lists on the website was suggested. The access status of the website was clarified. Presently, it is open public access except for editing and modification. Changes in webpage access were discussed. A subcommittee was appointed (Cassis, Schuh, Henry) to strengthen the website and increase communication. Suggestions were solicited from the membership.

The upcoming meeting was discussed, as to whether the program should be modified to allow more workshops or discussion time, or to have concurrent sessions.

In closing, President Schuh reiterated our thanks to Izya Kerzhner for a most excellent second quadrennial meeting.

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