Membership Information

Anyone who has an interest in the Heteroptera is cordially invited to join the International Heteropterists' Society.

There are three kinds of membership:

  • Regular annual membership ($20 non-students & $10 for students);
  • Sustaining annual membership ($50); and
  • Life membership ($500 or 25 times current annual membership rate);

- Scott Bundy, Treasurer

Memberships can be paid for via PayPal (see links below) or with a check sent to:

Scott Bundy
Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science
New Mexico State University
945 College Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88003

  • Student Membership $10        Buy IHS Student Membership with PayPal
  • Regular Membership $20        Buy IHS Regular Membership with PayPal
  • Sustaining Membership $50    Buy IHS Sustaining Membership with PayPal
  • Lifetime Membership $500     Buy IHS Lifetime Membership with PayPal
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