Introduction, History & Goals

After being discussed for many years, a small group of heteropterists finally got together in the spring of 1997 to form what is now called the International Heteropterists’ Society. The Society was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the city of Washington, DC, USA, 29 December 1997.

The founding members (Directors) included:

  • Dr. Wenjun Bu (Tianjin, China)
  • Dr. Gerasimos Cassis (Sydney, Australia)
  • Dr. Thomas J. Henry (Washington, DC, USA)
  • Dr. John T. Polhemus (Englewood, Colorado, USA)
  • Dr. Randall T. Schuh (New York, NY, USA)

Drs. Richard C. Froeschner (Washington, DC, USA), Dan A. Polhemus (Washington, DC, USA), and Thomas J. Henry served as the Society incorporators.   

The broad objectives of the Society are to promote systematic, biogeographic, and biological studies of Heteroptera and to cultivate cooperative research among heteropterists throughout the world. The Society is organized and operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes.

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