Fifth quadrennial meeting, Washington D.C. 2014

Minutes of the IHS Executive Committee for Washington DC, 2014.

Submitted by Paula Levin Mitchell, Secretary

A formal meeting of the IHS Executive Committee was called by President Gerry Cassis at 6 PM on July 22, in the Executive Conference Room at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Present were six members of the Executive Committee (Wenjun Bu, Gerry Cassis, Ernst Heiss, Tom Henry, Paula Mitchell, and Rich Packauskas) plus Laurence Livermore, Acting Webmaster.

Dues collection was discussed, and the decision was made to continue with PayPal (despite the cost) but also continue to maintain the US bank account for convenient deposit of dues received via cash and checks. Invoices and notifications of members in arrears will be sent out in future on a regular basis by the treasurer.

Toby Schuh and Brenda Massie have graciously offered to transfer ownership of the web address “” to the Society at minimal cost. The myriad advantages of such a site were discussed, including ease of recognition, ease of transfer between incoming and outgoing officers, and even the possibility of offering e-mail addresses to members as a service. The Executive Committee was unanimously in favor of accepting this offer.

Wenjun Bu raised the perennial question of what benefits do we offer to members; in other words, what do you get when you pay the dues? Various creative ideas for the website were floated, including a newsletter, a searchable membership list, expanded bibliographic listings, publications posted on the website, e-mail addresses for members (see above), online seminars (“webinars”), active forum discussion groups, a “student connections” section where opportunities for international exchanges and available lab opportunities could be posted, a repository of translations of papers, uploadable teaching resources, and FAQ pages (e.g., best primers). It was decided to focus initially on just a few goals, including the newsletter. 

The slate of nominees for Society officers was developed, but not completed. Cassis and Bu will remain on the Executive Committee for 2014-2018, as Past President and President, respectively. Heiss (outgoing Past President), Mitchell (Secretary), Packauskas (Treasurer), and Rider (Web Editor) will complete their terms. Katrina Menard will replace Mitchell as incoming Secretary, and Scott Bundy will replace Packauskas as Treasurer. Laurence Livermore will move from Acting Webmaster to the elected Webmaster position. Tom Henry was asked to serve as the President-Elect and agreed. The necessity of a Web Editor in addition to a Webmaster was debated, and the decision was made to try to find a Web Editor to replace Rider, but to also expand responsibility for the web page to a flexible, open committee of contributors (analogous to the IT Committee that originally developed the new webpage concept). Suggestions for the Web Editor position, and for the contributors, included Wolfgang Rabitsch, Brad Balukjian, Petr Kment, Jane O’Donnell, and Dávid Rédei, all of whom would be approached by various Executive Committee members before the final business meeting. The need to attract younger members and more international members to serve on the Executive Committee was emphasized.

Paula Mitchell proposed scanning all issues of the Heteropterists’ Newsletter (which was the forerunner of the IHS) and posting them (sans outdated address lists) on the website. This proposal was approved, and discussion ensued as to whether we should fill the previously empty officer position of Archivist for this task. Jane O’Donnell was suggested as a possible nominee for Archivist.

Gerry Cassis raised the unfinished business of designing the Stål medal and developing selection criteria and procedures for implementing the award, now that the concept has been approved by the membership. He volunteered to take responsibility for this task and have a process in place in time for the next meeting.

An informal meeting of the Executive Committee was also called by Gerry Cassis at 1:15 PM on July 24 in the Executive Conference Room. Present were six members of the Executive Committee (Wenjun Bu, Gerry Cassis, Ernst Heiss, Tom Henry, Paula Mitchell, and Rich Packauskas) plus Laurence Livermore, Acting Webmaster, and Berend Aukema, IT Committee. A brief discussion was held to plan the final business meeting agenda and arrange for cash to be given to the Kerzhner award winners. Ernst Heiss noted that the 2018 meeting might coincide with the European Heteropterists’ meeting and this should be taken into account if the meeting were to be held in Europe. Tom Henry reported that Argentina was a definite possibility for 2018, with France possible for 2022. Argentina was later formally selected. He also noted the remarkable success of the Andersen Awards in recruiting young heteropterists to the profession: of the nine former recipients (2006 and 2010), six are in attendance at this meeting. The slate of officer nominees was confirmed, with the exception of Web Editor, as both Nikolai Tatarnic and Dávid Rédei expressed interest in the position. The possibility was raised of having both a Web Editor and an Associate Editor, as both positions exist in the bylaws, but this decision was left to the membership at the business meeting. The meeting concluded at 1:40. 

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