Revision of the Genus Polytes Stål (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Authors:J. E. Eger
Journal:Annals of the Entomological Society of America

<I>Polytes</I> St&#229;l, 1867, is revised and described. The 18 included species are described and figured. A key based primarily on males is provided. Seven new species are described: <I>P. nigrovittatus, P. bimaculatus, P. quechuus, P. confusus, P. similis, P. lattini,</I> and <I>P. bullocki.</I> New synonymies recognized are: <I>Trichothyreus</I> St&#229;l, junior synonym of Polytes St&#229;l; <I>P. insignis</I> Schouteden, junior synonym of <I>P. lineolatus</I> (Dallas); <I>P. onca</I> Breddin, junior synonym of <I>P. tigrinus</I> (Vollenhoven); <I>P. grisescens</I> Breddin, junior synonym of <I>P. obscurus</I> (Dallas); and <I>Trichothyreus vitticeps</I> St&#229;l, junior synonym of <I>P. granulatus</I> (Walker). <I>Pachycoris ruth</I> Breddin is transferred to <I>Polytes. Polytes Cingulicornis</I> Bergroth is considered a nomen dubium. Lectotypes and paralectotypes are designated for <I>Pachycoris lineolatus</I> Dallas, <I>Polytes insignis</I> Schouteden, <I>P. onca</I> Breddin, <I>P. grisescens</I> Breddin, <I>P. leopardinus</I> Distant, and <I>Trichothyreus vitticeps</I> St&#229;l.

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