A revision of the genus Blissus (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) in eastern North America

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1968
Authors:D. E. Leonard
Journal:Annals of the Entomological Society of America

The lygaeid genus <I>Blissus</I> (chinch bugs) contains species which are important economic pests on Gramineae, yet the taxonomy of this genus is poorly understood. This study is an attempt to clarify the taxonomy of the species from eastern North America. Data from a recent biosystematic study of the <I>leucopterus</I> complex are also used. The fauna of this region includes <I>B. leucopterus leucopterus</I> (Say), <I>I. hirtus</I> Montandon, <I>arenarius arenarius</I> Barber, <I>a. maritimus</I> Leonard, <I>insularis</I> Barber, <I>breviusculus</I> Barber, <I>iowensis</I> Andre, <I>barberi,</I> sp. nov., <I>sweeti</I> sp. nov., <I>minutus</I> (Blatchley) new comb., and <I>nanus</I> Barber. <I>B. validus</I> Blatchley is synonymized with <I>l. lencopterus.</I> Keys are given to the adults of the species just listed and the nymphs of the &#8220;<I>leucopterus</I> complex.&#8221; Neotypes are designated for <I>l. leucopterus</I> and <I>l. hirtus.</I> More complete adult descriptions are included. The nymphs of <I>a. arenarius, a. maritimus, I. hirtus, insularis, breviusculus,</I> and <I>sweeti</I> are described. Biological information is included on <I>minutus, breviusculus, barberi,</I> and <I>sweeti,</I> as well as data of the chromosomes of <I>breviusculus</I> and <I>sweeti.</I>

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