Program of the Second Quadrennial Meeting of the International Heteropterists’ Society

All sessions took place at the conference hall of the Zoological Institute (Universitetskaya naberezhnaya 1). Posters were demonstrated on July 19 at the second floor of the museum.

Note: A 59-page abstract volume was published for the following presentations. Limited numbers of copies are available from Dr. I. M. Kerzhner while they last; individual reprints are also available from the respective participants.

* An asterisk indicates speakers or presenters who were not able to attend the meetings.

July 11-15
Arrival of participants, registration and subscription to the cultural program at hotel "Rus"

July 15
Participants who arrived earlier may work in the collection. After lunch, an excursion to Mendeleev Museum in the University for those who are interested (40 min., $2) 

July 16

Registration at the Zoological Institute 

Oral Presentations:

  • A.F. Alimov. Welcome by the Director of the Zoological Institute.
  • R.T. Schuh. Welcome by the President of the International Heteropterists' Society.
  • *Th.J. Henry. Discussion on beginning an IHS Journal.
  • R.T. Schuh. Using the Internet to create a world catalog of Heteroptera.

Coffee break 

Oral Presentations:

  • P.L. Mitchell. Clavigralla spp. (Heteroptera: Coreidae) in India: Biology, ecology, and biological control.
  • L. Cervantes Peredo. Lygaeidae (Hemiptera - Heteroptera) associated with Ficus spp. (Moraceae) in Veracruz, Mexico.
  • P. Venkatesan. Predatory strategies of a water bug, Diplonychus rusticus (Heteroptera: Belostomatidae).



Excursion to the Zoological Museum and Institute (two English-guided and one French-guided group)  

Oral Presentations:

  • S.A. Podlipaev. Heteroptera as hosts of parasitic protozoans - trypanosomatids.
  • M. Dollet, B. Garagani, E. Muller, K. Vezian, S. Birot, and J.M. Maldes. Lincus croupius (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae): rearing, cycle, and trials for experimental transmission of plant trypanosomatids (Phytomonas spp.).
  • T. Yasunaga and M. Takai. Investigation of predaceous plant bugs (Heteroptera: Miridae) in Japan as candidates of effective agents in integrated pest management (IPM).
  • * A. Starostin. Pirate bugs (Anthocoridae) in apple orchards of Orel Province, Russia.  

Coffee break 

Oral Presentations:

  • L. Cheng. Distribution of the ocean-skater Halobates (Heteroptera: Gerridae) and global climate change.
  • J. Polhemus. Systematics and zoogeography of the Hermatobatidae.

Excursion aboard a ship through the Neva and Bay of Finland with get-together party (for participants and accompanying persons; beer, cola, water and light snack free; other beverages and foods can be bought from buffet).

July 17

Oral Presentations:

  1. G. Cassis. Biodiversity, biogeography and host associations of the Australian Heteroptera.
  2. P. Štys. Enicocephalomorpha contra Euheteroptera.
  3. R.T. Schuh. Phylogenetic relationships within Cimicomorpha: a combined analysis of morphology and DNA sequences.  

Coffee break  

Oral Presentations:

  • E. Heiss. Aradidae in Baltic amber - 50 million years of a successful Bauplan.
  • M.B. Hebsgaard and J.Damgaard. Phylogeny of water bugs (Nepomorpha) with comments to the evolution of respiratory strategies in the group.
  • J. Damgaard. Phylogeny of the water strider genera Aquarius Schellenberg, Gerris Fabricius and Limnoporus Stål (Heteroptera: Gerridae) based on combined analysis of molecular and morphological data.


Sightseeing city tour by bus.  

Oral Presentations:

  • * P.S.F. Ferreira and Th.J. Henry. Phylogeny of the plant bug subfamily Deraeocorinae (Heteroptera, Miridae).
  • E. Guilbert. Importance of larval characters in the phylogeny of Tingidae (Heteroptera, Cimicomorpha).
  • V.B. Golub. Historical development of the subfamily Tingoidea.

Coffee break

July 18  

Oral Presentations:

  • Ch. Weirauch. The pretarsus in Reduviidae: homologies and systematic implications with a discussion of harpactoroid relationships.
  • * W. Cai and X. Xu. Morphology and evolution of wing-coupling apparatus in some Heteroptera.
  • Ch. Fischer. A TEM study of the ommatidial rhabdom of the Heteroptera - new apomorphies for some heteropteran taxa and the stem-species of Heteroptera.  

Coffee break  

Oral Presentations:

  • M. Javahery. Eggs, reproductive system and evolution in some true land bugs (Heteroptera).
  • F.V. Konstantinov. An investigation of the taxonomic significance of the male terminalia in the Miridae (Heteroptera).
  • N.M. Andersen. Semiaquatic bugs (Heteroptera, Gerromorpha): A progress report based on 20 years of research.


Oral Presentations:

  • * J.A. Lis. The family Cydnidae - a need for reclassification?
  • G. Cassis and R. Silveira. Systematic studies of the Gelastocoridae
  • J. Brambila. Botocudo of Antillocorini (Rhyparochromidae): An assemblage of genera.
  • J. Davidová-Vilímová. Use of the internal pygophoral structures in pentatomidean phylogenetic hypothesis.
  • R.J. Packauskas. Evidence for the re-erection of the tribe Stenoscelideini Schaefer (Coreidae).  

Coffee break  


Oral Presentations:

  • J. Grazia and A. Frey-da-Silva. Phylogeny of the group Mecocephala (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae).
  • D.H. Jacobs. Karyotype evolutionary trends in the Heteroptera with special reference to the Aradidae.
  • D.H. Jacobs. Cytogenetic and karyotype evolution of the genus Dundocoris Hoberlandt (Heteroptera: Aradidae: Carventinae).

Banquet at the restaurant "Academia" in the building of the Zoological Institute (price $20 per person; payment at registration). 

July 19  

Poster Session:

  • R.S. Aglyamzyanov. Some data on the distribution of Lygus species (Heteroptera, Miridae) in the European part of the former USSR and in Transcaucasia.
  • M.J. Bressa, A.G. Papeschi, E. Fumagalli, S. Ituarte, and M.L. Larramendy. Cytogenetic studies in the genus Dysdercus Guérin Méneville, 1831 (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae).
  • J. Brozek and A. Herczek. Modifications in the internal structure of the mouthparts in selected groups of true bugs (Heteroptera).
  • * W. Bu. Molecular geography of Halyomorpha halys (Stål) (Pentatomidae).
  • F. Chérot. Preliminary data about Mecistoscelini phylogeny (Heteroptera: Miridae: Mirinae).
  • I.S. Drapolyuk. Orthotylinae and Phylinae (Miridae) of Caucasus.
  • I.V. Dyuzhaeva. Landscape distribution of grass-inhabiting Heteroptera in the forest steppes of the middle Volga area.
  • Ch. Fischer. On the phylogenetic system of the Scutelleridae and their systematic position within the Pentatomoidea.
  • D.A. Gapon. Dried inflated aedeagi of Heteroptera: method of preparation and use in the systematics.
  • R. Garrouste. Stink bug (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) community ecology in tropical grassland and rice field vegetation: a crossed study using ordination.
  • M. Goula, J. Ribes, and A. Serra. The biodiversity of Catalonia (Spain): the Heteroptera database.
  • T. Ishikawa. Revision of the genus Polytoxus from Japan (Heteroptera: Reduviidae).
  • M. Javahery. Bioecology of lace bugs in southern Quebec, Canada (Heteroptera, Tingidae).
  • M. Javahery. Long-term ecological studies of cereal Sunn Pests and sustainable management.
  • M. Javahery. Leptoglossus occidentalis (Hemiptera: Coreidae) in southeastern Canada.
  • M. Javahery. Biology and distribution of Reduvius personatus L. (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in Canada.
  • V.G. Kuznetsova, S. Grozeva, and S. Nokkala. Chromosome study of the family Nabidae.
  • E.S. Labina. Species of Stygnocoris (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) in the fauna of the former USSR.
  • * B. Lis. Preliminary studies on male genital characters in Tingoidea and their taxonomic value.
  • A.O. Lukashuk. The Heteroptera of Belarus: History of research and taxonomic structure of the fauna.
  • S. Mazzucconi. The genus Martarega from Argentina (Notonectidae): a new species and three new records.
  • V.V. Neimorovets. Species of the genus Eremocoris (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) from Russia and adjacent countries.
  • Ch. Nokkala and S. Nokkala. Monophyly / polyphyly of achiasmatic meiosis in Heteroptera revealed by DNA sequence analysis.
  • S. Nokkala, S. Grozeva, and Ch. Nokkala. Achiasmatic meiosis as a karyosystematic character of Heteroptera.
  • A.G. Papeschi and M.J. Bressa. Cytogenetic studies in Belostomatidae from Argentina.
  • * P.V. Putshkov. Hemelytra of Reduviidae: Membranization or coriumization.
  • P.J. Rebagliati, A.G. Papeschi, and L.M. Mola. Cytogenetics of Pentatomidae.
  • J. Ribes and E. Ribes. Checklist of Heteroptera of the Collserola Park (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain).
  • N.J. Tatarnic and J.R. Spence. Mating behaviour of the Crusader bug, Mictis profana F. (Coreidae).
  • M. Tcherkassova. Aquatic and semiaquatic Heteroptera (Corixidae, Mesoveliidae, Hydrometridae, Veliidae, Gerridae) in backwaters of the National Park "Danube backwater systems" (Austria).
  • M.A. Wall and G. Cassis. Evidence for a pronotal exocrine gland in the Heteroptera.  

Coffee break  

Final session (discussion of projects, 2006 meeting site, officers).

July 20-21

Post-meeting collecting excursions to the Karelian Isthmus (price $10 for each; payment at registration; those interested in collecting water bugs and insects inhabiting peat bogs are advised to bring gum boots or buy these in St. Petersburg, about $5).

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