President's Letter - July 2014

Gerry Cassis, President International Heteropterists’ Society
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
June 21, 2014

Dear Colleagues,
Very soon we will be gathering in Washington, DC, for the Fifth Quadrennial Meeting of the International Heteropterists’ Society – July 21-­-25, it is just a few weeks away!

I would like to endorse the invitation of Dr. Tom Henry to you all, on behalf of the IHS Executive. And I might add, that Tom has put in a truly Herculean effort in bringing this meeting together, and I have no doubt that the meeting is going to be a great success.

My time as President is coming to a close, and I have enjoyed greatly the task of contributing to the development of our Society, with a most marvelous group of men and Paula Mitchell, on the IHS Executive. During the meeting a number of the Executive will be stepping down from their voluntary positions, and I would like to thank those that are moving on for their fabulous contributions. I would like to especially thank Paula who is stepping aside, and whose efforts as Secretary over a long period have been exemplary. Other members of the Executive have yet to indicate definitely what they intend to do, but this will be sorted out during the meeting, and they will also need to be thanked individually.

In line with this, I would encourage all members to consider nominating for a position on the Executive or nominating others. Service on the Executive goes a long way to the growth and sustainability of our Society. At the meeting Prof. Wenjun Bu will become the President of the IHS, and he will need others to become partners on the Executive to steer the IHS to greater success over the next four years. This will include the selection of a President-­-Elect.

At the meeting we will ask all members to vote on a number of amendments to the IHS bylaws that the Executive is proposing, including the addition of a number of prizes. So bring your voting pencils, we will need you to vote!

In the past four years we have lost a number of our greats (e.g., Péricart, Polhemus, van Doesburg), and the Executive has a clear idea as to how to give recognition to those who have devoted their working life to heteropterology through our existing Honorary Life Membership arrangements and a proposed new award (Carl Stål medal). The Executive is nominating Profs Carl Schaefer and Pavel Stys for Honorary Life Membership, and we will need a 75% affirmative vote from the membership at the meeting for these nominations to be accepted.

And to encourage the young we have a new award, the Izya Kerzhner award, which we will present to the best student presentations at the DC meeting. The Kerzhner award and Stål medal will need approval from the membership during the meeting. We are seeking endorsement for the Stål medal at the DC meeting, and if accepted it will be awarded at the meeting following the DC meeting.

We also have had great news in that Annemarie Møller-­-Andersen has agreed to continue financial support for the Nils Möller Andersen award, and has also agreed to add her name to this prestigious award, so from now it will be known as the “Nils & Annemarie Møller-­- Andersen Award”. And for this meeting we have funded numerous students to attend the meeting. I would like to thank Ernst Heiss for securing this funding with Annemarie, in his inimitable style.

I hope that you have had a chance to examine our new version of the IHS website. I would like to thank Tom and the IHS web subcommittee that came up with a plan, which we have implemented. In this regard, I would like to make very special mention of Laurence Livermore, from the Natural History Museum (London) who has worked tirelessly and on a voluntary basis, in putting together our website. The Executive has heaped thanks on Laurence for his great contribution and I would ask the membership to give a big thanks to him when you meet him in DC.

And with the niceties out of the way, I need to ask the membership to make their financial contribution, which is essential to not only the future success but also survival of our Society. Nearly all members are well behind in the payment of their membership dues. We are asking all those who are coming to the meeting to pay their dues for the past two years (i.e., $40 for full members, $20 for students) in line with the delivery of our website and meeting. I would ask that you arrange payment as quickly as possible with our Treasurer, Rich Packauskas (, through PayPal. If you aren’t a member, please join now. It is incumbent on those registered for the meeting to pay their dues before the meeting commences. Without these dues the new Executive can do very little to progress the heteopteran cause. Please note that the provision for Life Membership still exits and you can discuss this with Rich. Please assist us with your payment before the meeting.

At the DC meeting we will also be voting on the next venue for the IHS meeting in four years time. Please consider amongst your countrymen/women if you would be willing to organise and run the Sixth Quadriennial Meeting of the International Heteropterist Society.

So see you all in DC for what promises to be a meeting to remember – its Hug the Bug time!

Best Regards

Gerry Cassis

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