Pieter Hendrik van Doesburg (1921—2014)

Pieter Hendrik van Doesburg junior died on January 21, 2014 in Sassenheim, The Netherlands at the age of 93. Piet finished his biology study at the University of Utrecht in 1956 and a year later he got a job for about six years as staff member/entomologist at the Surinam  Agricultural Experimental Station in Paramaribo, Surinam. Here he built up a large collection of Heteroptera, now kept in the Leiden museum. After returning to The Netherlands, in 1963 he started to work at the former Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke History (RMNH) in Leiden (now Naturalis Biodiversity Center) where he succeeded H.C. Blöte as curator of Hemiptera. He earned his PhD in 1968 on a revision of the New World Dysdercus at the Leiden University. After his honourable retirement in 1986 he continued to work on the collection as an honorary staff member up till about half a year before his death. In 2004 he published his last major work, a taxonomic revision of the Velocipedidae.

Many of us will remember him for his kind hospitality and friendly assistance during visits at the Leiden Museum! 

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