New Publication - Packauskas, R. 2010. Catalog of the Coreidae

Packauskas, R.  2010.  Catalog of the Coreidae, or Leaf-Footed Bugs, of the New World.  Fort Hays Studies, Fourth Series, Number 5, 270 pp. 

ISBN # is 978-0-615-23109-9

The catalog (270 pages) is a bargain at $20.00 US, plus shipping costs:

  • US $7.00
  • Canada $8
  • Mexico $13
  • Rest of the world $17

Please send checks made out to FHSU to me at Rich's address (below) or by PayPal ( 

  Richard Packauskas
  Dept. of Biol. Sci.
  Fort Hays State. U.
  600 Park St.
  Hays, KS 67601

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