The Higher Classification of the Belostomatidae (Hemiptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1961
Authors:D. A. V. I. D. R. LAUCK, MENKE A. R. N. O. L. D. S.
Journal:Annals of the Entomological Society of America

The seven genera recognized in the Belostomatidae pertain to three new subfamilies: LETHOCERINAE, with the one genus <I>Lethoccrus; HORVATHINIINAE</I>, with the single genus <I>Horvathinia</I>; and BELOSTOMATINAE, with the five genera <I>Limnogeton, Hydrocyrius</I> (=<I>Poissonia</I>, =<I>Diplonychus</I> auctt. nee Laporte), <I>Diplonychus</I> (=<I>Sphacrodcma</I>), <I>Belostoma</I>, and <I>Abedns</I>. Only <I>Lethocerus</I> occurs in both hemispheres; <I>Abedus, Belostoma</I>, and <I>Horvathinia</I> are American, while <I>Lmnogeton, Hydrocyrius</I>, and <I>Diplonychus</I> are Old-World genera. The phallus is reviewed for the first time as a character important for the separation of the genera, whose nomenclature and synonymies are outlined and discussed. The taxonomy, phylogeny, zoogeography, and paleontology of the subfamilies and genera are treated, and keys are provided for generic identification.

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