6th Quadrennial Meeting - ARGENTINA

Dear members,

We have opened the registration to participate in the 6th Quadrennial Meeting in La Plata, next December 3 to 7, 2018.

Following this link https://ihsmeeting2018.wordpress.com/registration/ you will find the registration form and fees.

The deadline for abstract submission and early registration is September 30th, 2018. Please, visit the website for guidelines submission. https://ihsmeeting2018.wordpress.com/abstract/

We invite you to visit regularly the 2018 Meeting website (https://ihsmeeting2018.wordpress.com/) for additional information about news, lodging and tourism.

Looking forward to see you soon,

VI Quadrennial IHS Meeting Committee
La Plata, Argentina


Submitted by B Aukema on

We want to register, but first we have to pay! Why are the payment instructions for payment by credit card not in English?

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